Stephanie Allred

Name: Stephanie Allred 

Major: Chemical Bioscience

Minor: French, African studies, and WGS 

Graduation date: Spring 2017 

Plans after graduation: 
Ultimately, I want to attend medical school and work as a doctor in the areas of women’s and reproductive health. I am extremely focused on public health, and would like to also get a Master’s in Public Health, either in a dual-degree program with medical school, or before starting medical school. Immediately after graduation though, I am extremely interested in spending 1-3 years working in east Africa at a health-related NGO or private organization. I plan to apply for jobs and also the Peace Corps during my last year at OU, and hopefully I will be able to find a way to come back to east Africa and do more of the work about which I am really passionate before I am tied down by medical school student loans. 

Why did you choose to major/minor in WGS: 
During my first year at OU, I took an expository writing class titled, “Transcending Gender” for my English composition credit, and realized how much I was missing out on stimulating conversations about social justice in my biochemistry classes. While I was in that class, I realized how much happier and more focused I felt when I was taking classes that stimulated me in different ways than my STEM classes did. After all, my entire reason for being a STEM major is to ultimately work to help women, and so I decided to add a WGS minor so that I would never have to spend another semester without the opportunity to grow my understanding of women’s issues and social justice. 

What do you like about majoring/minoring in WGS: 
I love everything about minoring in WGS!! But really most of all, I love the community that I have found in the department and the people I’ve met in classes and at events. I think that the WGS department, along with the GEC and the Center for Social Justice, create safe spaces all over campus for students who might otherwise feel marginalized. I always feel at home in a WGS class. 

Why is WGS important to you:
Well, frankly I can hardly think of a single way that women’s and gender issues aren’t important to me. But at the end of the day, I think it comes down to the fact that I honestly believe that no society can flourish if their women are not happy, healthy, educated, and fulfilled. Women are the foundation of every sphere of life, from individual families all the way up to large communities. When I think specifically about what I want to achieve with my life, I always find myself thinking about how women’s health is the first step to the health of a people. Women bring life into the world and provide for the vulnerable in populations. If they’re not healthy, everyone else suffers. I think that the same applies to issues of education, safety, value, etc… WGS is one of the only disciplines that acknowledges the whole host of intersections that surround issues of gender, and I think that these issues are at the heart of nearly every problem plaguing our world today. 

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