Spotlight: Madeline

"I realized I could get a college degree doing something I enjoy—reading books about women’s and gender studies.When I discovered the Women's and Gender Studies major, I found a major I could really get excited about. I am passionate about what I’m learning. I am easily able to apply it to my experiences,” she said. “I feel I am getting a unique and vitally important education.” Madeline is excited about future possibilities after graduation. She knows that she wants to go to grad school, possibly focusing on journalism and writing. She has dreams of teaching, writing books, writing for magazines like Bitch and Bust, creating nonprofits or maybe even joining the Peace Corps. Madeline is an intern at the Women’s Outreach Center and she is active in GLBTF on campus. She loves to travel. “I love going to places that put me out of my element and out of my comfort zone.”