Spotlight on Students


"I took Girlhood in America as my Honors Perspective class. It really opened my eyes to the current challenges that women of all ages are confronted with every day. I decided I wanted to gain more of an understanding of the issues I would be facing in the world. It is my hope that this understanding will lead me to helping other women overcome challenges as well. I feel like studying Women's and Gender Studies has improved the quality of my education. I know what to expect and how to handle situations of gender inequity that I would have simply accepted prior to the knowledge that I have gained though the Women's and Gender Studies program." In her future, Jordan would like to take an active role in social justice issues, perhaps through a program like Teach for America or by going to law school and joining the International Justice Mission. Her favorite part about her time at OU has been the relationships she has made. "I cannot begin to quantify how valuable the relationships and friendships I've experienced with students and faculty are to me."