Saghi Hosseini

Name: Saghi Hosseini

Major: Political Science Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

Graduation date: December 2016

Plans after graduation:
After graduation I plan to take six months interning in Washington D.C. After my internship I am going to start studying for the LSAT, and hopefully start attending law school Fall of 2017. My goal is to serve on the United Nation’s panel for Human Rights.

Why did you choose to major/minor in WGS:
I began with the introduction course in WGS and really enjoyed the class. I felt comfortable to speak about things that are important to me, and I learned many things that I had never even thought about. I learned about women’s oppression throughout history, and realized that we are living in a time where it is important for women to be engaged in the political discourse of the country. My Women’s and Gender studies classes usually tied into things that I was learning in my Political Science classes. It all made sense and fit together; therefore, I made the decision to add WGS as my minor.

What do you like about majoring/minoring in WGS:
WGS classes have given me a safe space to be who I am. Usually, the classes are filled with intelligent like-minded individuals who believe in the same progressive ideals as myself. WGS helped me get involved in different programs on campus such as Take Root, a reproductive justice conference. I found a great mentor through my internship that I am doing to finish my WGS minor requirements. WGS helped me find my voice in a very critical time in the political discourse. Due to the staggering statistics about women in leadership roles I decided that I will one day run for office, and that was a direct effect of my WGS classes.

Why is WGS important to you:
WGS creates a safe space to discuss and learn about issues that are not always on the forefront in our news cycles. The most important aspect of WGS is that it is intersectional. Not only do students get to learn about the difference between Gender and Sexuality, which I did not know until I took WGS classes, they also get to learn about socioeconomic structures, race, and disability. The world feels like it is pushing toward a progressive society that values everyone regardless of our differences. The WGS program teaches young people how to cope with the social changes, and why it is pivotal to advocate for progressive ideals. The WGS promotes understanding, choice, and tolerance, and that is exactly what we need right now.

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