Make a Difference at WGS!

We are committed to the success of our students. We aim to educate and engage every student in leadership, activism, internships, professional development, and community service. We need your help! Here are five different areas where you can make a difference.

We Are Committed To Leadership

We believe we have a responsibility to train and prepare our students to become the future leaders of our community and world.

Your contribution supports…

  • students attending two annual conferences
         National Young Women’s Leadership Conference in Washington DC
         Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference
  • training sessions and workshops to enhance women’s leadership
  • speaker series on the OU campus


We Are Committed To Activism

We aim to provide a platform for activism on behalf of social justice and gender equality. We believe students become better workers, citizens, and people through their participation and engagement in pressing local and global issues.

Your contribution supports…

  • a local and a global Activist-in-Residence every year
  • various social justice campaigns

We Are Committed To Professional Development

We seek to promote women’s leadership across professions. We believe in connecting our students with professionals and providing multiple opportunities that enhance our students professional skills.

Your contribution supports…

  • creating and sustaining student scholarships
  • mentorship between our students and professionals on campus and in the community
  • research assistantships


We Are Committed To Internships

We believe that learning is most successful when students are provided with opportunities to apply and implement what they have studied. We believe in combining academic work with practical community engagement.

Your contribution supports…

  • the expansion of our internship program to include national and global internship opportunities
  • the possibility for students to accept unpaid internships

We Are Committed To Community Service

We believe in fostering a sense of service in our students, and in giving back and contributing to our community. We think that everyone gains from engagement and cooperation. We dream of a broad and wide network where people, agencies, and institutions with similar missions work together.

Your contribution would support…

  • reproductive rights projects
  • programs for single mothers
  • Service learning projects


You can make a difference