WGS Internships

The Women's and Gender Studies Internship (WGS 4013/5013) is designed to provide students an opportunity to relate their academic experience to women's and gender issues in the community by working in an agency or nonprofit organization, in a gender/women-related business, or on a service learning project for a semester. Students can earn three hours of academic credit by working 135 hours at the internship site and completing written course assignments. The maximum credit allowed for internships is six hours to be done in two semesters.



WS 1003 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
60 credit hours completed
GPA 2.5

Site Selection:

The Women's and Gender Studies Program has a list of suggestions for sites/organizations. However, students may consider other sites. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange the internship. It is expected that the internship will give the student a good overall perspective on the work the organization does as well as give the student specific tasks in appropriate areas of the organization.

To enroll in the course, please complete the following and submit to Susy Jorgenson